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Orthopedics Felten specializes in the manufacture of prostheses, orthoses and large custom-made orthopedic appliances: prostheses of the lower and upper limbs for everyday life or sports.

Our orthoprosthetists put all their experience and know-how to make functional devices, suitable for promoting your daily life, as well as your social, family and professional integration.


Compression stockings

Venous compression is the only treatment device recognized by the French National Authority for Health against chronic venous conditions.

Wheel chairs

We offer a selection of standard or custom items for sale and also for rental.

Custom soles

After a clinical examination and the taking of impressions, we manufacture the orthopedic insoles to measure for an optimal result.

Gymnastics equipment

« Orthopedic gymnastics "Means, in the medical field, a set of movements aimed at correcting or mitigating problems occurring at the level ofs joints, bones, muscles, tendons and nerves.

Rods & Crutches

The  canes and crutches are ideal technical aids to secure and facilitate the movement of the elderly and / or disabled.


Bandages immobilize or protect fragile joints and reduce dislocations.

Wall-mounted infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer to put on the wall or any other support.

Operation by USB-C cable or with a rechargeable battery type 18650 2000mAh.

Dimensions: 140 x 93 x 93

Distance for temperature measurement: 1 - 10 cm

Action taken in a second. In case of fever (t> 37.5) the LED strip turns red, an audible signal is emitted to warn the person. The temperature measurement can be done with the hand or the head.

Supplied with battery.

Vending machine

Totem with hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.
- Infrared detection.

For all places welcoming the public indoors and outdoors (businesses, hospitals, schools, etc.)

Available in 3 versions:
- on foot
- to put
- wall

Possibility to customize the sticker!

Our habits after the coronavirus.

"Wash your hands, at least 20 seconds. Use the antibacterial gel. Wear a mask. Do not touch your face. Keep a distance of 2 meters from others." We follow all these tips for months and little by little, our daily life changes ....

New Joya collection

Coming soon...

FieldPower: muscle building has a name

  Studies prove it, playing sports is essential to maintain good health. Regular physical activity prevents overweight and obesity, health problems and serious cardiovascular pathologies, but also helps release ...

Joya: the most flexible shoe in the world is still reinventing itself

For this new collection, Joya dares to color. Bright and warm colors to accompany you throughout the summer. Orthopedics FELTEN is pleased to present the spring - summer collection of Joya Schuhe. To be discovered immediately in our ...

The new Skechers collection promises to be colorful

Orthopedics FELTEN presents the new Skechers collection, a skilful blend of the flexible and comfortable line of Skechers, and sunny colors. Attack the warm weather and the good weather on the right foot! Don't wait any longer and come and discover the new Skechers ...

Orthopedic Felten - Official partner of the Luxembourg Institute of Health

Orthopedics Felten - Official partner of the Luxembourg Academy of Medicine, Kinesitherapy and Sports Sciences Orthopedics FELTEN continues to invest in your well-being and your health every day. With this in mind, all of our ...

HHP mattress

Andullation is a fairly recent treatment method that is part of the so-called 'biophysical' therapies. For more than 10 years, it has been applied to reduce pain, increase sports performance and in a context of well-being. The Andullation is ...
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