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Renowned house since 1870

Orthopedics Felten specializes in the manufacture of prostheses, orthoses and large custom-made orthopedic appliances: prostheses of the lower and upper limbs for everyday life or sports.

Our orthoprosthetists put all their experience and know-how to make functional devices, suitable for promoting your daily life, as well as your social, family and professional integration.

Our services

Compression stockings

Venous compression is the only treatment device recognized by the French National Authority for Health against chronic venous conditions.

Wheel chairs

We offer a selection of standard or custom items for sale and also for rental.

Custom soles

After a clinical examination and the taking of impressions, we manufacture the orthopedic insoles to measure for an optimal result.

Gymnastics equipment

"Orthopedic gymnastics”Means, in the medical field, a set of movements aimed at correcting or alleviating problems occurring at the level ofs joints, bones, muscles, tendons and nerves.

Rods & Crutches

The canes and crutches are ideal technical aids to secure and facilitate the movement of the elderly and / or disabled.


Bandages immobilize or protect fragile joints and reduce dislocations.

We recommend

TEMPUR® Original pillow


Our ergonomic pillows are designed for optimal comfort and support to relieve pressure points in the head, neck and shoulders.


  • Exceptional neck support
  • Suitable for sleeping on your back and on your side
  • Washable and hypoallergenic cover
The quality of our products

Doctors trust us.

We only use the highest quality products in our stores and workshops.